The Institute's location at 17 Russell Square on the corner of Bedford Way was previously occupied by a house which became the New Zealand Soldiers' Club in London.

"Various clubs were established in England for the New Zealand soldiers. The one pictured here described itself in the N.Z.E.F. Chronicles as 'Open at all hours for the reception and accommodation of N.Z. soldiers. Fine billiard-room, reading and writing rooms, and every convenience and comfort. Beds for 200 men. Canteen for light refreshments open day and night. Run by N.Z. ladies. Tariff: dinner, 1s.; bed, breakfast and tea, 8d. each. R. H. Nolan, Hon. Sec.'"1

"In 1916 New Zealand soldiers inhabited as portion of their Soldiers' Club in London the house in Russell Square in which Governor Hobson's daughter had lived for many years. She had died a few months before, and her husband, Sir Alexander Rendell, gladly gave his house to the New Zealanders free of rent."

1. See New Zealand Electronic Texts Centre Reeves, William Pember "The long white cloud: Ao tea roa"