SAS has developed an Open Access ebooks programme with the University of London Press which is supported by a digital publications platform.

The University of London Press builds on a century of publishing tradition by disseminating distinctive scholarship at the forefront of the humanities. Based at the School of Advanced Study, the Press seeks to facilitate collaborative, inclusive, Open Access, scholar-led interchange, within and beyond the academy.

Open Access Books initiative

Logo for the Humanities Digital Library

The Humanities Digital Library developed by SAS is a digital platform to facilitate the publication of Open Access books (monographs, edited collections, research guides, and symposium outputs). The Humanities Digital Library builds on existing digital and publishing infrastructure in the School, specifically the institutional repository SAS-Space and the University of London Press.

Introducing the Humanities Digital Library - open access scholarly books

Reimagining Law and Justice

IALS are pleased to announce a new series of Open Access legal titles - Reimagining Law and Justice

The aim of IALS Reimagining Law and Justice is to publish innovative and intellectually stimulating, fully peer-reviewed work which will reach a worldwide audience, widen knowledge and understanding, and play a major role in our understanding of justice through legal studies.

IALS Reimagining Law and Justice is comprised of an exciting collection of Open Access books focused on key issues, challenges and debates in legal studies. Today we face urgent questions about the meaning of justice, whether that takes the form of racial justice; sexual justice; economic justice; environmental justice; reparative justice; intergenerational justice; interspecies justice; or social justice. This series will focus squarely on reimagining that age-old search for understanding the relationship between law and justice through an interrogation of the crucial challenges of our times

Further information can be found on our Reimagining Law and Justice page.

OBserving Law - IALS Open Book Service for Law

Further information can be found on our OBserving Law page.