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Professor Borg's lecture will explore the way different countries  have dealt with the question of supremacy of the Constitution. Is such supremacy  inherent in the very nature  of a written constitution, whether it is declared or not in the fundamental law of a country? Prof Borg will cover supremacy issues which have arisen  in the United States of America,  India and his home country Malta and how the issue has been tackled in each of these countries.

Speaker: Professor Tonio Borg

Professor Borg’s legal and political career spans the past thirty years. He practiced and specialised as a human rights lawyer from 1980 – 1998 and has also been lecturing at the University of Malta since 1989. He is currently Associate Professor of Public Law and his field of expertise is human rights law, Maltese constitutional law, and court scrutiny of government’s actions under Administrative law.

Prof Borg is widely published in these fields. In 2016, he published A Commentary on the Constitution of Malta, the first in depth study of the Maltese constitution and the only textbook on the subject. Its second edition was published in 2022. Prof. Borg is also the author of Leading cases in Maltese Constitutional Law(2019), Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Malta (2020), Leading Cases in Administrative Law (2021), Maltese Administrative.

Chair: Professor Carl Stychin, IALS Director.