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A team of expert practitioners including Brian Altman KC, Rebecca Chalkley, Polly Sprenger and Sam Smart will review the current landscape of economic crime, and the changes that have unfolded in the last two decades, covering
• the progression and development of statute addressing money laundering, fraud and bribery, which revolutionised the approach to prosecuting corporate offenders;
• the success of "failure to prevent", and the brave new world in which corporate offenders report their own misdeeds in the hopes of avoiding prosecution; 
• the growing ambition of prosecuting bodies such as the Insolvency Service and HMRC – and the example taught by Boris Becker; and
• how corporates are responding when law enforcement leaves them to fight their own battles – the explosion of private prosecutions.


Rebecca Chalkley, Red Lion Chambers

Polly Sprenger 

Brian Altman KC

Sam Smart 

This event is free to attend, but advance booking is required.