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The book is an interdisciplinary and comparative study of the developments in the communication strategies in five constitutional and supreme courts: the US Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Canada, the German Federal Constitutional Tribunal, the French Conseil Constitutionnel, the UK Supreme Court and the Italian Constitutional Court. Prof Spertis argues that while much separates these institutions they also have much in common when it comes to the relationship between courts and the media. Over the last 15 years these courts have overcome their traditional restraint to enter the public arena and developed new communication strategies to engage directly and dialogue with media and public opinion.

The conversation provides an opportunity to explore not only the technological developments but also the ideological and political factors that shape these changes. The benefits, burdens and dangers of these developments will be a major focus of the discussion.

Speaker: Prof. Angioletta Sperti, Phd (Scuola S. Anna), Ll.M. (UCLA). University of Pisa, Department of Law.

Angioletta Sperti is Full Professor of Comparative Public Law at the University of Pisa.
She graduated cum laude at the University of Pisa, holds a Ll.M from UCLA (USA) and a PhD cum laude from Scuola S. Anna (Italy). 

She is the author of five monographs on constitutional justice (Corti supreme e conflitti tra poteri, Giappichelli, 2003), presidential accountability (La responsabilità del Presidente della Repubblica, Giappichelli, 2010), the dialogue among constitutional courts on LGBT rights (Omosessualità e diritti, Pisa University Press, 2013) and the advancement of LGBT rights (Constitutional Courts, Gay Rights and Sexual Orientation Equality, Hart Publishing, 2017). Her latest book, Constitutional Courts, Media and Public Opinion, was published by Hart Publishing in November 2023.

Chair: Professor Leslie J Moran, Emeritus Professor, School of Law Birkbeck College. 

The event will be followed by a drinks reception.

All welcome - this event if free to attend but booking is required.