IALS Document Delivery Service is available to practitioners on a subscription basis. More information about our subscription scheme.

The service is staffed from 9.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, and we aim to deliver orders the same day, if received before 12pm.

Please note the 'within one hour' Express Service is no longer available.

How to place an order

How to place an order

To place an order, please use a general order form and send to ds.ials@sas.ac.uk

Note that alternative forms are available if the item requested is for judicial proceedings or non-commercial purposes; judicial proceedings or non-commercial purposes

If you prefer to email details of your request, please include:

  • A citation or details of the item required
  • The recipient’s email address (if different from your own)
  • A reference number (if required) for your invoice

Send your email order to ds.ials@sas.ac.uk. Please include the judicial proceedings or non-commercial copyright exemption forms if applicable.

Please note that due to licensing agreements we cannot supply from or permit access to most subscription electronic resources and databases.

Transaction charges

Item Cost

Standard Fee

£35.00 for each item supplied irrespective of method of delivery or destination and inclusive of any copyright fee payable (excludes items which attract a high copyright fee).  

The Library reserves the right to charge higher prices for certain items where necessary to reasonably cover costs. For example, journal articles and legislation over 100 pages will be charged as one item per 50 pages.

High Copyright Fee

£47.00 for each item supplied irrespective of method of delivery or destination and inclusive of any copyright fee payable for those items that attract the higher copyright fee.  We will check to see if you are happy to pay the higher fees before processing your order.

Judicial Proceedings (JP) or Non-Commercial Purpose (NCP)

£19.62 per item if accompanied by a JP or NCP form.  This includes items that fall into the high copyright fee category.


An item =

  • A single law report
  • A single journal article
  • 1 chapter or part chapter from a book
  • A single piece of original legislation
  • 1 chapter (or part thereof) of a copyright work

It is at the discretion of the Library to determine the charge for any material not included in the above list. 

Transaction charges are billed at the beginning of the following month and exclude VAT where applicable.


Electronic Delivery

Items will normally be delivered by email to CLA licence holders**.

Alternative Delivery Options

Delivery by fax, courier or post available on request. Items can also be collected from IALS.

**Important copyright update:

The Copyright Licensing Agency has amended IALS’s Document Delivery License so that from 1st October 2016, IALS will only be able to send PDF items over email to firms that have:

If you do not have a CLA Law Licence or a CLA Multinational Law Licence and you have not submitted a judicial proceedings or non-commercial purposes form with your order then we can send items using one of the following methods at no extra cost:

  • Fax
  • Post
  • Courier
  • Collect at IALS

Further information about the CLA Licence is available on the CLA website: https://www.cla.co.uk/business/licences-for-law

Order forms

Please select:

Judicial Proceedings Form (PDF)

For the purposes of parliamentary or judicial proceedings and for use with high fee items.

NCP – Non-commercial Purpose (PDF)

For research for a non-commercial purpose or private study and for use with high fee items.

Annual subscription rates

Effective from 01 August 2017

London Area (all 020 telephone codes)
 No. of Lawyers Subscription to pay (inc. VAT)
Band 11 to 10£200.00 + VAT(20%)£240.00
Band 211 to 25£302.50 + VAT (20%)£363.00
Band 326 to 50£400.00 + VAT(20%)£480.00
Band 451 to 100£595.83 + VAT(20%)£715.00
Band 5101 to 200£1,008.33 + VAT(20%)£1,210.00
Band 6201 to 300£1,666.67 + VAT(20%)£2,000.00
Band 7301 to 400£2,333.33 + VAT(20%)£2,800.00
Band 8401 to 500£3,000.00 + VAT(20%)£3,600.00
Band 9501 to 600£3,666.67 + VAT(20%)£4,400.00
Band 10601 +£4,333.33 + VAT(20%)£5,200.00
Rest of UK & EU subscribers not registered for VAT (inc Isle of Man, exc. Channel Islands)
 No. of Lawyers Subscription to pay (inc. VAT)
Band 11 to 10£145.83 + VAT(20%)£175.00
Band 211 to 25£200.00 + VAT(20%)£240.00
Band 326 to 50£272.50 + VAT(20%)£327.00
Band 451 to 100£400.00 + VAT(20%)£480.00
Band 5101 to 200£675.00 + VAT(20%)£810.00
Band 6201 to 300£1,116.67 + VAT(20%)£1,340.00
Band 7301 to 400£1,550.00 + VAT(20%)£1,860.00
Band 8401 to 500£2,000.00 + VAT(20%)£2,400.00
Band 9501 to 600£2,458.33 + VAT(20%)£2,950.00
Band 10601 +£2,875.00 + VAT(20%)£3,450.00
EU subscribers registered for VAT and other overseas subscribers (inc Channel Islands, exc Isle of Man)
 No. of LawyersSubscription to pay (VAT exempt)
Band 11 to 10£143.00
Band 211 to 25£200.00
Band 326 to 50£272.00
Band 451 to 100£400.00
Band 5101 to 200£670.00
Band 6201 to 300£1,115.00
Band 7301 to 400£1,559.00
Band 8401 to 500£2,000.00
Band 9501 to 600£2,450.00
Band 10601 +£2,875.00


  1. UK firms, or UK offices of overseas firms, should include all FTE lawyers in all branch offices in the UK.
  2. Overseas offices of overseas firms, and overseas offices of UK firms, should make separate application.

How to pay

Transaction charges are billed at the beginning of the following month and invoices will be emailed to customers. We include a transaction summary with the invoice showing details of each order. Please indicate whether you would like us to add your own reference or client number to the invoice when you make an order.

Contact the Document Delivery Service

For orders and enquiries:

Email: ds.ials@sas.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7862 5757
Fax: +44 (0)20 7862 5770

For anything else please email our Academic Services Manager laura.griffiths@sas.ac.uk