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Dr. Bagheri is specialised in international financial law and has widely published on topics such as financial services under GATS, competition and integration among stock exchanges, internationalisation of securities markets and regulatory challenges, private international law of securities transactions and the role of informational intermediaries in financial regulation.


Selected Publications

International Contracts and National Economic Regulation, Kluwer Academic Publisher, London, December 2000.  (ISBN 9 789041 198105). (See Amazon).

International Securities Markets, Diversity of National Regulations and the Relevance of the Public/Private Law Dichotomy, 3(1) International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal,pp. 49-75 (2001).  (See the web site of Kluwer Academic Publisher)

The Private International Law of Securities Transactions: A Socio-Economic Analysis, 23 The Company Lawyer pp. 14-19 (2002)

Ex Ante and Ex Post Allocation of Risk of Illegality: Regulatory Sources of Contractual Failure and Issues of Corrective and Distributive Justice, 13 European Journal of Law and Economics pp. 5-26 (2002).  (See the website of Kluwer Academic Publisher)

Optimal Level of Financial Regulation under the GATS: A regulatory competition and co-operation framework for capital adequacy and disclosure of information, 5(2) Journal of International Economic Law, pp. 507-530 (2002), Oxford University Press

A Literature Review on Integration of Financial Markets in Europe.  Commissioned by HM Treasury (UK Finance Ministry) May 2002

Informational Intermediaries and the Emergence of the New Financial Regulation Paradigm, 24(11) The Company Lawyer pp. 344-45 (2003)

Competition and Integration among Stock Exchanges: The Dilemma of Conflicting Regulatory Objectives and Strategies, 24(1) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, pp. 69-97 (2004).  Oxford University Press

Persian translation of Schmitthoff's Export Trade: The law and practice of international trade, Tehran, 1993, (with Dr B Akhlaghi and others)

The Ketan Parekh Fraud and Supervisory Lapses of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI): A case study, 13(1) Journal of Financial Crime, pp. 107-125 (2006) (With Saptarshi Ghosh)

Conflict of Laws, Economic Regulations and Corrective/Distributive Justice, 28(1) University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law, pp. 113-150 (2007)

The Impact of Money Laundering on Economic and Financial Stability and on Political Development in Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria, 15 (4) Journal of Money Laundering Control , pp.442 - 457 (2012)

Globalization and Extraterritorial Application of Economic Regulation: Crisis in International Law and Balancing Interests, European Journal of Law and Economics, DOI 10.1007/s10657-012-9351-2, (2012)

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Under Islamic Law: From Tort to Special Privileges, 12(2) European Journal of Law Reform, 505-520 (2014)

The Intersection of Corruption and Money Laundering: A Look at International Responses and Adequacy of Regulation, Issue 95 Amicus Curiae,  Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, 19-28 (2013)

Banking Crises and Hong Kong: Coordination between Regulatory Measures and Compensation Schemes (Bailout, Deposit Insurance and Insolvency laws), 57 (3) International Journal of Law and Management (2015)

Anti-Money Laundering Laws: The Possibility of Global Convergence, 31 (1) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, 37-43 (2016)

The Relationship Between the Development of Financial Markets and Security Interest Law,  32 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, 141-145, (2017)

Money Cleansing and Effectiveness of FATF Coercive Measures: An Overview Amicus Curiae, Series 2, Vol 1, No 2, 274-86

Okigbo, M., & Bagheri, M.The Application of the German Model of Company Law to the Banking Sector: A Private Law Measure to Avert Systemic Risk, Corporate Law & Governance Review, Vol 2, Issue 1, 27-41 (2020)

Basaran, B. and Bagheri, M. (2020) “The Relevance of ‘Trust and Confidence’ in Financial Markets to the Information Production Role of Banks,” European Journal of Risk Regulation. Cambridge University Press, pp. 1–17

A comparison of investors’ protection in different securities holding systems and the legal implications of direct and indirect holding: a focus on China’s central securities depository legal position. Fei Nie, Mahmood Bagheri, Capital Markets Law Journal, Volume 16, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 187–202,

Beneficial Ownership Transparency: The Viability of Global Implementation of G20 High-Level Principles. Mahmood Bagheri , Jia Zhou, European Business Law Review Volume 32, Issue 6 (2021) pp. 1021 – 1038

Seminars and Conferences

“Public Law Sources of Contractual Disputes: Issues of Corrective and Distributive Justice”, public lecture at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, July 1995. 

“Economic Rationales of Securities Regulations”, a paper presented at the SPLT (Society of Public Law Teachers) Conference, Cambridge University, September 1996. 

“The Private International Law of Securities Regulation”, W.G.Hart Legal Workshop on Transnational (Corporate) Finance and the Challenges to the Law, University of London, July 1998. 

“Is Contract Law Shrinking? A Critique on the Erosion of Formalism and the Social Dimension of Contract Law”, a lecture for the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, 7 October 1999, London. 

“Privatization and Developments of Financial Markets”, Department of Economics, University d’Evry, France, 18-19 January 2002. 

“Competition, Convergence and Reform in European Stock Exchanges”, Annual Conference of Financial Management Association International, Copenhagen 6-8 June 2002 . 

Money Laundering in the Middle East and International Legal Standards”, 13 September 2002, Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge, UK. 

“Hundi and Hawala – ‘underground banking systems, the case of Iran’, 9 September 2003 Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge, UK. 

Commentator, International Seminar on Corporate Governance post Enron, organised by the International Financial Law Unit Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London, 17-18 September, 2004 . 

"Corporate Governance and Informational Intermediaries: The Scope and Nature of Responses to Agency Problem", Conference on Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions, Thursday 7th & Friday 8th October 2004, Sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Oxford Brookes University & Journal of International Banking Regulation. 

"Global Information Society and the Pyramid of Justice", 28 October 2004, University of Dundee Scrymgeour Lecture series . 

"Private International Law and the Rights/Utilitarianism Dichotomy", Public Lecture, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, 8 December 2004. 

"Economic Analysis of Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions", Athens Institute for Education and Research, 9-10 June 2005, Athens, Greece. 

"Private Law Institutions for Market Economy", Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan, 29-30 September 2005. 

"Interest Rate, Risk and Theories of Justice", British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London, 25 April 2008. 

"Legal Implications of Dematerialization of Securities",  Indonesia Stock Exchange 25 November 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia 

"Banking Sector Corruption and Bank Corporate Governance: Recent Development in Middles East", in Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arab World, Organised and Sponsored by John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), 18-21 June 2013,  Istanbul, Türkiye