Research Interests

Dispute processing and access to justice, particularly from law in context, and socio-legal perspectives. I am very much interested in the work of pro bono clinics and the assistance given to litigants-in-person and, additionally, am keen to explore the role of public legal education as a public engagement tool to assist people with everyday problems.

Other research interests include the Chinese in the UK, the impact of colonialism on Hong Kong, the PRC in relation to international human rights treaties, with particular interest in housing from a comparative perspective.

Additional Professional Information

Member, Centre for Asian Law, SOAS Law School, University of London 


Books and Articles

(2023) With Professor Michael Palmer, “Shen Jiaben (1840-1913)” Vol 4, No 3 Amicus Curiae 772-775.

(2022) “Complaints and Reviews in Homelessness Cases in England” 17(2) Journal of Comparative Law 350-369.

(2021) “Delivering a Pro Bono Clinic During the Pandemic: Some Thoughts on Access to Justice, Everyday Problems and the Current Legal Landscape” Series 2, Vol 3, No 1 Amicus Curiae 76-102. 

(2021) “Repealing the Vagrancy Act 1824” Series 2, Vol 3, No 1 Amicus Curiae 131-142. 

(2020) "Rethinking Analysis of Homelessness Applications: The Role of Negotiation and Disputing Behaviour" IN Maria Federica Moscati, Michael Palmer and Marian Roberts (eds) (2020) Comparative Dispute Resolution; Cheltenham and Northampton Mass., USA: Edward Elgar Publishing. 

(2020) “Homeless Applicants with Dissatisfactory Decisions, Appropriate Dispute Processing and Access to Justice” Series 2, Vol 1, No 3 Amicus Curiae 379-88. 

(2020) “Public and Private Realms of the Administrative Justice System: Homelessness Cases in England” Series 2, Vol 2, No 1 Amicus Curiae 38-60. 

(2011) “The Use of Mediation in Preventing Homelessness in England,” 3(2) International Journal of Law in the Built Environment 146-158.   

(2011) With Dorett Jones, “Supporting and Working with the Needs of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Women Survivors of Violence within the UK: Some Considerations” IN Petra Kutalkova and Lubica Kobova (2011) Sexualni Nasili. Proc Se Nikdo Nepta? Prague, In Iustitia [In Czech].