Research Interests

Socio-legal studies particularly in business and contract law.

Additional Information

Former Chair of the SLSA, former Senior VP of the Royal Irish Academy and former DVC at the Australian National University. Presently VC at Birkbeck, University of London.


Latest Books and Journal Articles

“The Possibilities of IF-THEN-WHEN” in M Findlay, J Ford, J Seah and D Thampapillai (eds) Regulatory Insights in Artificial Intelligence Edward Elgar (2022) pp 162-186.

“Data in a Relational Setting” in D Clifford, K Lau and J Paterson (eds) Data and Private Law Bloomsbury Hart (2023) In press 9000 words.

“Spinsters, Goblins and Contract” in V Barnes, N Honkala and S Wheeler (eds) Women, their lives, and the Law Bloomsbury Hart (2023) In press 8,500 words.

“The Disruption of Consumption” in S Leith and S Wheeler (eds) Because Covid…….(2024) ANU Press (2024) forthcoming 6000 words.

(with V Barnes) “Footballers, Lost Dogs and Reward Promises in US, English and Australian Contract Law” (2023) 23 UC Davis Business Law Journal, in press.

“Law in Action” in W Swain and D Campbell (eds) Reimagining Contract Law Pedagogy Routledge (2019) 79-98

“Gendering the Company” in R Auchmuty  (ed) Great Debates in Law and Gender Palgrave MacMillan (2018) 134-148

“Global Lawmakers” (2018) 45 Journal of Law and Society 600-696

“Modelling the Contracts of the Future” (2018) Griffith Law DOI: 10.1080/10383441.2017.1552547 (early view)

“The Corporation and the Anthropocene” in L Kotze (ed) Law and the Anthropocene Hart Publishing (2017) 289-307

“Managing the Disruption of Innovation” (2017) 32 Australian Journal of Corporate Law 1-18

“Visions of Contract” (2017) 44 (SI) Journal of Law and Society 74-92

“Independence and Diversity in Board Composition” in R Tomasic (ed) Routledge Handbook of Corporate Law (2016) 81-98