Video date

Monday, 20 November, 2017

Video speaker(s)

  • Dr Hamed Haddadi (Imperial College London)
  • Professor John Naughton (University of Cambridge)
  • Adam Rose (Mischcon de Reya LLP)
  • Renate Samson (Big Brother Watch)
  • Dr Beth Singler (University of Cambridge)


This event will focus on the implications posed by the increasingly significant role of artificial intelligence (AI) in society and the possible ways in which humans will co-exist with AI in future, particularly the impact that this interaction will have on our liberty, privacy, and agency. Will the benefits of AI only be achieved at the expense of these human rights and values? Do current laws, ethics, or technologies offer any guidance with respect to how we should navigate this future society?

Part of the SAS Being Human Festival 2017

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