Literature Review on Law Reform

Common Law Jurisdictions

Flag of Republic of Ireland

Law Reform in Ireland – James Kneale


Flag of Northern Ireland

Law Reform in Northern Ireland – Ronan Cormacain


Flag of Malawi

Law Reform in Malawi – Robert Kandulu


Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

Law Reform in Trinidad and Tobago – Chantelle Latchmansingh


Civil Law Jurisdictions

Flag of France

Law Reform in France – Bertrand-Léo Combrade & Marine Methivier


Flag of Germany

Law Reform in Germany – Giovanni Boggero & Giacomo Delledonne


Flag of Portugal

Law Reform in Portugal – Inês Marinho, Inês Inverno & António Manuel Abrantes


Flag of Spain

Law Reform in Spain – Ignacio Durbán Martín, Pablo Riquelme Vázquez, Gabriel Moreno González & Pau Sanchís Matoses



Other Jurisdictions

Flag of the United Nations

Law Reform in Post-Conflict Settings – Nathalia Berkowitz

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